Leadtec Services, Inc., founded in 1988, is committed to the elimination of harmful levels of lead from the living environment. It was born out of a need on the part of its founder, Jim Keck, to do something positive about childhood lead poisoning, the most serious yet preventable environmental health problem facing children today.

Initially, as Deputy Commissioner of Housing and Community Development for the City of Baltimore, and then as its Policy Director for Lead Poisoning Prevention, Jim learned firsthand of lead’s potential devastation effects on children and the complex policy issues associated with trying to do something concrete about them.

Jim, now in “emeritus“ status, brought to his private business a public service idealism tempered by logistical and fiscal realities. Leadtec’s current principals, Jim McCabe and Susan Kleinhammer, both former public servants, share his realistic public service approach to the problem of childhood lead poisoning.

• Staying on the cutting edge technologically and policy-wise. We will keep abreast of new technologies as they develop and new legislation/regulations as they are being considered.
• Participating in activities which help to affect public policy. We will continue to try to influence governments regarding policy development and funding requirements.
• Tempering the ideal with the real. We will recommend the best possible solutions to lead contamination problems within the context of logistical and fiscal realities.
• Never losing sight of the fact that ultimately we are in business to provide a public service. Consequently, we will always provide our services at fair and equitable prices.


Since 1991, Leadtec Services has conducted thousands of lead-based paint hazard evaluations for both residential homeowners and property owners.


As a recognized leader in the lead poisoning prevention industry, Leadtec Services has conducted consultations to government agencies and non-profit organizations.


With more than two decades of experience in the prevention of lead poisoning, Leadtec Services is recognized as a national leader for its training programs.